DUI Process

DUI process moves on quickly. Our quick involvement in your DUI case can advantage you in lots of ways, including full dismissal of the charges. The steps involved in the process include: 

The Stop 

You’re pulled over for unrelated traffic infraction which proceeds to DUI investigation if the law enforcement thinks that you’re exhibiting sign of intoxication. Any police stop can have errors that can be challenged with help of our skilled Attorneys. 

Field Sobriety Test 

Certain tests might be administered. If you’ve gone through any of such tests and were arrested subsequently, there can be room for effective challenges. 

The Arrest 

You’ll be arrested if officer involved think that you were driving your vehicle under the influence. Never answer a question until your lawyer comes to protect your legal rights. 

The Arraignment 

It’s the process wherein you are charged formally. It could occur some hours or days following your arrest. Never go in a court hearing without a lawyer. 


This is the hearing which takes place before trial which allows your lawyer to negotiate with prosecutor and lets the judge get updated on progress of your DUI case. 

The Trial 

You’ve the rights to a trial. In a few cases, you may advantage from waiving your rights to jury trial and, rather, have bench trial - in which judge decides your case.


In case you’re found guilty, it’s likely you’ll be sentenced instantly. It is vital that you’ve defense counsel who is ready to do everything for you. We are ready to act on your behalf.